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Most Popular QUESTIONS

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Can you backup my servers?

Yes, our OSP·EVault supports the following:

32-Bit 2008, 2008R2

SQL Support

Oracle Support

Sharepoint Support

64-Bit 2012, 2012R2

Image Support

Plug-ins for:

– Exchange 2010/2013 DR Support

– Exchange 2007 DR Support

– Exchange 2007/2010 MAPI Support

– Oracle Support

– SharePoint Support

– SQL Server Support

– Cluster Support Support

Is my data backed up in more than one location?

We offer a Local Backup with The ONE Hybrid Backup solution, as well as Geo-Redundant backup locations for our OSP Evault Business Cloud Backup.

Are you PCI Compliant?

Yes, we have been PCI compliant since 2010!

Will you help me restore my data?

Yes, if you need help, our World Class Support Specialists can assist you in restoring your data. It’s important to us that your data is recovered and you are back in business as soon as possible.

Can you backup all of our laptops?

Yes, our Stratos Endpoint Protection is made for backing up laptops and desktops…and it has some really cool security features

Tape Vaulting

Tape Vaulting

Can I automate my tape movement?

Yes, with TapeTrack Sync we can automate your tape movement by processing an inventory file from your backup software and verify your onsite and offsite tape inventory daily.

Can I get a chain of custody report?

Yes, TapeTrack keeps a permanent history of all movements for each individual tape. Every tape is scanned, confirming receipt at our offsite facility. When you scan the tapes coming back to your site with TapeTrack Lite, you have the same confirmation for the tapes returning onsite. 

Can I create a Disaster Recovery Strategy?

Yes, TapeTrack Sync also includes the ability to take your disaster recovery plan from your backup software and process it to create DR Strategies in TapeTrack. This feature also gives you the capability to see when tapes needed for recovery are not at the offsite location.

How long do you keep my tape history?

Forever. TapeTrack starts creating a permanent history for each tape from the time the tape is added into the database. Even if a tape is deleted, it only removes the ability to view the tape. If the tape number is added back into the database, the previous history is still there.

Can I run an Audit on all my tapes?

Yes, at any time, an audit can be run with TapeTrack Lite by scanning all of the tapes at any location. An audit flag will then be added to the permanent history of each tape, which verifies whether or not the tape is in the correct location.

Data Destruction

Data Destruction

Do you Certify the destruction?

Yes, a Certificate of Destruction is included, along with a list of the serial numbers or tape numbers that were destroyed.

Will you provide a destruction list?

Yes, along with the Certificate of Destruction, we will provide you with a scanned list of serial numbers, if available.

Do you recycle?

We make every effort to recycle material that is destroyed. Last year we recycled over 28,000 lbs of shredded material! That’s 28,000 lbs of material that will be reused instead of rotting in a land fill.

Can I view my destruction?

On request, we can provide you with a DVD video of your destruction. You can also watch the destruction live online, or on special request, you can request to come onsite to view your destruction.

What can you destroy?

We destroy anything with data. Hard drives, backup tapes, credit card readers, cds/dvds, video tape/film, mobile devices and more.