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One Safe Place:  Data Protection Solutions for Your Company

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Business Cloud Backup

Protect, Backup & Recover your all your Mission Critical data, anytime and anywhere


Tape Vaulting

When the world’s largest companies think of business recovery through tape, they turn to OSP for their Offsite Tape Storage needs

Get Your Tapes Offsite

Data Destruction

When you need to destroy old data sitting on hard drives, backup tapes, credit card readers, CD/DVDs, CRUSH is the man for the job.


Video Tape & Film Vaulting

The advertising world uses OSP for the safekeeping as well as tracking and retrieval of their delicate and priceless video assets.

Protect Your Footage

This is why we excel


Client Countries & Counting...


Customer Data Emergencies Handled Every Year


Petabytes in Our Private Cloud Data Center


Tape Movements Per Year

PCI Compliant 


IPv6 Ready

U.S. EU SafeHarbor

What Clients Are Saying

Help One Safe Place CRUSH CANCER!

Your old data might help find a cure for cancer.

We’ll release more details soon!

Your old data might help find a CURE FOR CANCER.

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Thank You To All Veterans!

Vet Day

Thank you to all of the Veterans out there! We at One Safe Place appreciate your service to our country!

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