Don’t let your Priceless footage turn to DUST

Video Tape & Film Archiving:   The advertising world as well as television and movie producers use OSP for the safekeeping, tracking and retrieval of their delicate and priceless video assets.

Advertising agencies, film studios, and media production houses often spend millions on original footage. Then they convert it to digital tape that can be used to produce additional shows, promos or commercials at a later date. This archiving practice saves time and money. Unfortunately, the master copies are extremely vulnerable and must be stored in a safe, environmentally-controlled site to ensure their availability and viability in the future.


Our facility is equipped with camera surveillance, key-card access systems as well as fire suppression systems.

Asset Tracking

Our efficient tracking system ensures that you know where all your media assets are at all times.

Climate Controlled

Consistent temperatures of 68-72 degrees and humidity-controlled systems.

Access Protection

Access Protection ensures that video elements can only accessed or retrieved by pre-authorized employees.

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